Rural Natives is a Mid Canterbury based company specialising in the establishment and ongoing maintenance of native shelterbelts and riparian strips.
From plant selection and design consultation right through to planting the last plant.
We will help you to achieve your vision on your land.


free consultation

We work with you to develop the right planting plan and plant selection for your area to be established.



We can source and plant both native and exotic plants depending on your requirements.


ongoing maintenance

Your new plantings maintenance is provided by way of release spraying of any unwanted weeds.


About Us

Mike McKenzie and his team have been establishing and maintaining native areas in the central Canterbury region for the past few years.
Mike has always been involved in the rural sector with many years spent in the forestry industry and latterly the dairy industry as a share milker.

Mike has always had a passion for working with plants which in turn led to the creation of Rural Natives. He takes great pride in the knowledge that as a business they can help to enhance the wonderful environment we all live in.


About Us

Frequently asked questions

Where do you get your plants from?

We source our plants from a number of nurseries throughout the Canterbury region. Plants that seed and grow in the local climate always do well when planted in their permanent growing place.

What do you charge for planting?

We normally charge an hourly rate for each person planting and installing covers. Occasionally we are asked to plant exotic trees (pines, douglas fir or macrocarpa) in which case we may charge per tree and additionally for the pest repellant applied beforehand.
Travel cost is on a per km basis.

What do you charge for release spraying?

When release spraying, we normally have a set rate per 12L spray pack. This changes to an hourly rate if the spraying is slow going; due to plants being overgrown and / or requiring weeds to be cleared before we can spray.
Travel cost is on a per km basis.

How do you control weeds?

We use chemicals for our release spraying. Chemicals are an effective way to get the best overall kill of the many different types of invasive weeds that can smother your new plantings.

Our Services

Rural Natives provides a comprehensive range of services for your new plants.

Following your free consultation, we will work with you to develop the right planting plan and plant selection for the area to be established.

We supply plants that are locally sourced and grown to suit Canterbury’s climatic conditions.

Ongoing maintenance is provided by way of release spraying unwanted weeds around your plants so they can get off to a competition free start. Protective cover removal is a regular job as the plants become too big and no longer require them.

why plant natives?

Choosing to plant New Zealand Natives gives you a large selection of plants for a wide range of uses. There are many different plants with the ideal height requirements that provide excellent shelter and can still go under pivot irrigation.
Sequence planting is a great way to beautify your new shelterbelt. Planting to create a belt or riparian strip with different heights, colours and textures can give you a very striking effect.

Biodiversity is increasingly playing an important role on farmland to help improve water quality and increase native bird life. Planting natives also can improve the aesthetics and financial value of your farm.

Talk to us today and find out the best species to use in your next project!


” I would have no hesitation recommending Mike’s Rural Natives business for advice,
planting and follow up spraying. “

” It’s been a pleasure to have Rural Natives planting on our farm. From the knowledge of what to plant, to their upkeep, spraying and getting the plants established they have been fantastic. We’ve always had prompt, super efficient service as well as a great job done. Would truly recommend them.”

” Highly recommend Rural Natives for all your planting needs. Mike is very easy to communicate with, has good plant knowledge and delivers an efficient and high quality planting service. “


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